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Update 09/26/2015:
We now officially know that The Splat will be an eight hour time block replacing The '90s Are All That, premiering October 5th, 2015 at 10:00pm on TeenNick. Yes, it's disappointing that this will not be a 24/7 channel. But this is just the next stepping stone on our way to a 24/7 '90s Nick channel. '90s Nickelodeon fans, you helped made The '90s Are All That a reality. And it was your support of The '90s Are All That that made it a success and allowed Nickelodeon to be confident enough to take the next step and create The Splat. And if you help make this new time block a ratings success, and if you continue to contact Nick and support our campaign, we'll be that much closer to seeing our dream of a 24/7 '90s Nick channel become a reality! We are a "glass half full" kind of group and we like to believe we are now 1/3 of our way towards our goal! Besides the expanded time block, we look forward to seeing what other improvements and surprises Nickelodeon has in store for us! We appreciate all of your support so far and hope you continue this journey with us! Stay tuned here for more updates!

Update 09/19/2015:
Rejoice '90s Nickelodeon fans, #TheSplatIsComing! Starting with this official tweet from Nickelodeon and the teaser video above, Nickelodeon fans found out on September 11, 2015 that The Splat is indeed coming! Now everyone is wondering what The Splat is. There are many conflicting articles out there pointing to two possible scenarios. 1) The 24/7 '90s Nickelodeon cable channel we've been campaigning for! 2) Replacing The '90s Are All That with an expanded programming block from 10pm.-6am. including more shows from the early '00s, starting in October 2015. The most promising article for the first scenario is a article reporting that The Splat is indeed a 24/7 channel. But there have been too many conflicting articles to officially declare victory yet. So the campaign continues on as planned. But whatever the case, this is still very exciting, and promises to be a much better improvement over The '90s Are All That! So stay tuned! Watch our web site and social media pages for updates. Also keep an eye out on the official and their social media pages as well. Thank you everyone for your support! The fight is not over yet!